We’re Asking You to Sit Down and Eat with Us...

We’ve been launching a little revolution in Fresno --- have you heard? At Fresno’s Underground Suppers, we create unique, immersive culinary experiences just for adventurous foodies like you.

Right here in the Central Valley. Believe it.

Come dine with us...


For the last several years, we’ve been showing our local community how it’s done.

You don’t have to book a flight or take off work to experience something completely new. You just have to put on your shoes…and for those of you who attended a few of our past experiences, you know that shoes are sometimes optional!

From a Hampton’s bay Crab Bake on the shores of Pismo, Ca to a Night at Palm Desert at the Tesoro Viejo Ranch Club House right down highway 41, we offer suppers that are immersive, exploratory and sumptuous. Our dining club guests have enjoyed meals inspired by cuisines from Havana, Morrocco, Appalachia, Africa and more!


But it goes beyond what’s on the plate. When you attend one of our Underground Supper Club events, you’ll be entering a whole new world. Past themes include a dark dinner where guests were prompted to use their sense of taste and sound in whole new ways, an exclusive dining experience at the historical site the Forestiere Underground Gardens and a destination dinner including a surprise proposal on the beach.

As part of our club, you’ll be the first to receive a private invitation to some of the most unique venues in the valley...and beyond.

Through creative themes, superb surroundings and intimate guest lists you’ll participate in an experience that only a few Valley residents have gotten a taste of.


It’smore than food...it’s community.

The venues are exclusive, the menus are creative and the experience is entirely unique. But Fresno’s Underground Supper Club is more than just food. It’s community. For the sake of our city...sit down and eat with us.

Sharing food experiences can be used as a means for escape.

We all have conflicts and commitments. We’re rushing around, doing too much, distracted by too many obligations. But sometimes..we just need to sit down and have some great food. Time passes differently when can share food with a unique community, set aside stress and just be. We all need more of this.

We are at a pivotal movement in the development of our city, and we have the chance to create something funky, fun and new.

Are you in?

With themed social gatherings throughout the year in unique spots around the Valley, you’ll always be on the cutting edge of culinary delights with Fresno’s Underground Supper Club. Best of all, all of our dinners are a bit of a surprise. You’ll find out about our events through exclusive invitation, about a week before each event. Each dining experience is limited to a set number of tickets.

The word is spreading…. our @fresnosecretsupperclub followers list is growing daily on Instagram, our FB page is building and our exclusive mailing list is too.

Sign up now, and get ready to become part of our club.