Ready to join us for a Yucatan Immersion experience?

Are you ready to travel without leaving the city? It’s time for our next immersive dinner experience -- and this time we’re featuring the sights, tastes and textures of the Yucatan Peninsula!

Nestled right between the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribeean Sea, the Yucatan Peninsula is comprised of the states of Yucatan, Campeche and Quintana Roo. With a rich history, unique archeological sites, sparkling waters and amazing cuisine...the peninsula is definitely something to be experienced! From unique flavors that combine Mexican, Mayan and worldwide influences to tropical rain forests and crystal clear beaches, the Yucatan Peninsula is waiting for you!

This is your official invitation to come along ...join us for the next supper club experience, “Immersion: Yucatan.”


Our Destination

The Yucatan Peninsula sets itself apart from the rest of the Central American continent. Though it’s definitely part of the county Mexico, there’s something a little different in this region, as we’re sure you will experience. 

As the homeland of the Maya, the Yucatan Peninsula is the location of some of the most impressive archaeological sites in Mexico, and all of the world! With incredible cities like Chichen Itza, Uxmal, Coba and Tulum, the Mayan have undeniably left their mark on the landscape. And what a landscape it is….

Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is a broad coastal region with nature reserves that display some of the most amazing sights that world has seen. With tropical beaches, coral reefs, rain forests and amazing wildlife, the region has so many exciting things to offer….including the food.

Our Menu

The Mayan left their mark on the landscape, and in the flavors of the Yucatan as well. While Mexican food is definitely an influence, Yucatecan cuisine has strong influences from European foods and the native Maya. Due to its geography, the peninsula was relatively isolated from the rest of Mexico - but with dozens of ports, they received goods from European countries and around the world. This gives Yucatecan cuisine something unique, special and delicious to try. 

From smoky, hot chilis to tart sour oranges, fresh salsas and mysterious recados, the gulf coast of the Yucatan draws on locally available produce, and cooking techniques that come from around the world. Familiar ingredients take on earthy, hot and smoky flavors using annatto, chile and native ingredients.

If Yucatecan cuisine had a foundation, it would be the achiote, the habanero and the sour orange. Corn, tomatoes, chiles, chocolate and honey round out the unique flavor profiles that have resulted from hundreds of years of importing. For example, the sour oranges - called Seville oranges - are an import from Spain along with pork, which is prepared in one of several ways. 

The centerpiece though is the Achiote or Annatto, a rusty red seed that is ground up or purchased whole. You’ll find it worked into dishes as diverse as white cheese to grilled meats.

With influences from Dutch, French and Spanish travelers, Carribbean imports and Mayan tradition, the Yucatan Peninsula has so much to taste, and enjoy!

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